To add an image inside the Joomla Editor, begin by clicking where you want the image to be positioned in the article. For example, if you want the image to be at the start of the article, click the cursor at the start of the article.

Next click the INSERT/EDIT IMAGE icon.

An Image Manager popup will open giving you options to create your link.

If you want to link a document that has been previously uploaded, navigate to the FILE BROWSER section to find the file.

If you want to upload a new image, click UPLOAD.

An Upload popup will open. To load the image, either drag and drop the file into the popup or click BROWSE.

Once you have loaded the image, click UPLOAD.

The image will now be loaded into the file browser, by default this should be highlighted and selected. If this hasn't you will need to find the image and click the name to create the link.

You can then edit the PROPERTIES of image. The dimensions of the image will be the same, to change the dimensions type the dimensions of the image into the DIMENSIONS area. To keep the image dimensions proportional, make sure the PROPORTIONAL check box is checked. (NOTE: If possible, we recommended resizing the image to the size you want it to appear on the site before you upload the image to keep load time down. For instructions on how to do this follow this tutorial here.)

You can also set the alignment of the image, to do this select the position in the ALIGNMENT drop down.

To set the margin that will appear around the image, type the values into the MARGIN fields. By default these will be equal. To have varying values uncheck the EQUAL VALUES check box.

Once you have set the properties of the image, click INSERT.

The image will now be inserted into the editor. To edit the image, click the image and click the INSERT/EDIT IMAGE icon.

To remove the image, click the image and hit delete or backspace on your keyboard.