If you need to resize an image try pixlr


This is a free online application that has many of the features found in Photoshop.

To resize an image there are a couple of ways.

Step 1 - Open the application

First open Pizlr and click PIXLR EDITOR.

Step 2 - Create the canvas

Next you will need to create the canvas to work on, click CREATE A NEW IMAGE.

Now create the size of the canvas. You can use a preset or create your own size. In this example I will create a small 135x78 pixel canvas to work on. Once you have added the size click OK.

Step 3 - Open the image to resize

Now that you have created your canvas, open the image that you want to resize. To do this click FILE > OPEN IMAGE in the Pixlr application. This will allow you to search the contents of your computer to find the required image.

The image will now be opened in the application.

Step 5 - Copy the image

You will now need to select the image to copy to the canvas. To do this navigate to EDIT > SELECT ALL.

If this image has been selected correctly, a dashed line will appear around the image highlighting what has been selected.

Next copy the image by navigating to EDIT > COPY in the Pixlr application.

Step 6 - Paste a resize the image

Once the image has been copied. Click the blank canvas to work inside it. This should be positioned behind the image you had opened to copy.

Now paste the image by navigating to EDIT > PASTE.

When the image has been pasted, depending on its size, it will need to be resized to fit the canvas.

To resize the pasted image navigate to EDIT > FREE TRANSFORM.

Once you have selected Free transform you will see blue points on the corners and edges of the pasted image. Click and drag these to resize the image to fit the canvas. NOTE: To keep the image in proportion, hold SHIFT as you click and drag.

Once you have resized the image to a size you are happy with hit enter on the keyboard to apply the changes.

The image will now be resized in the canvas.

Step 7 - Save the image

Next save the image. To do this navigate to FILE > SAVE in the Pixlr application.

A popup window will open to allow you to select where you want to save the image. For web, the settings in the image below will suffice. Click OK to save.