Adding a content page

To add a content page, go to Pages > Add New.

Enter a title for the page at the top, and then fill in the content for the page below. You can use the WYSIWYG editor to format text, add bulleted or numbered lists, hyperlinks, and other features.

Adding media

To add an image to the page, click 'Add Media'. You can select from a list of images that you already uploaded to the website by clicking on an image and selecting 'Insert into post'.

To upload a new image or file from your computer, select 'Upload files'. You can either locate a file on your computer and drag it into this window, or click 'Select Files' to find files to upload. 

You can use this method to upload images (JPG, PNG, GIF), document files (PDF, DOCX, XLSX, etc.). Once you've uploaded your file, chose insert into post to add it to your page. (For images, make sure you fill out the 'alt' text on the right hand side, before you insert it into your post. 

Choosing the correct page template

To create a content page we use the page template called 'default template'. Under 'Page attributes', select 'default template' as the template.

Choosing a parent page.

If the page is going to appear in a menu underneath another page, eg. 

then you will need to select a parent page under 'Page attributes'.

Publish your page


Once you are happy with the content of the page, and would like to make it available to users on the website, click 'Publish'.